What the Grace of God Teaches Us

February 11, 2024 Preacher: Pastor Omer Mascarina Series: Godly Living in an Ungodly World

Scripture: Titus 2:11–15

SUNDAY, February 11, 2024 Pastor Omer Mascarina
MESSAGE: Godly Living in an Ungodly World Series #5: "What Grace Teaches Us"
SCRIPTURE: Titus 2: 11-15


I. The Availability of Grace (v. 11)

II. The Ability through Grace (v. 12)

III. The Anticipation with Grace (v. 13)

IV. The Author of Grace (v.14)

V. The Authority in Grace (v.15)


1. Which is the greater problem in Christian circles today: Legalism or licentiousness? How can we avoid
both errors? Is it legalistic to go against your feelings in order to deny ungodly impulses? How do you
obey from the heart if your heart is tugging you toward sin?
2. Define grace. Identify the source of our salvation and articulate the role of grace in salvation.
Then explain how grace works within believers and functions in their lives.
3. God’s grace in salvation is completely unmerited and we are to live by grace. But blessing in the
Christian life is contingent on obedience. How do you reconcile these principles?
4. How can we increase the level of expectation of our looking for the blessed hope? What value do
we place on eternity? Are we living a pilgrim existence or are we tied to the things of this world?
Share your thoughts.
5. How can a believer who has lost his zeal for the Lord and His work rekindle it?

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